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Drum sieve pre-cleaning
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

Drum sieve pre-cleaning
Product features:
More effectively to the light impurity and dust cleaning; smooth running, low noise; large output, good effect.
型号Model 产量Capacity 动力Power 尺寸Dimension(mm) 机重 Weight
YTC-80 8-10 T/H 1.1KW 1650×1000×1500 460KG
YTC-100 10-15T/H 1.5KW 1700×1250×2100 580KG
YTC-125 15-20T/H 2.2KW 2740×1600×2490 900KG
YTC-150 20-30T/H 3KW 2950×1860×2490 1100KG