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Horizontal wheat washer
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

Horizontal wheat washer

  1. Water consumption is low, water consumption of a ton of wheat is 0.3 ~ 0.4 tons, saving water resources and cost.

  2. Less sewage, easy processing, conforming the requirements of environmental protection departments.

  3. Small size, small occupation area, saving the construction cost.

  4. Adoption of new technologies, new materials, water is easy to control, can make the wheat moisture stability.

  5. Low power, small power consumption, power is only 7.5KW.

  6. Stainless steel materials used in key parts, plate, screw blades were carburizing, quenching and other special processing, durable.

  7. This machine is of high efficiency and energy saving, there are multiple and single branch, duplex processing capacity of 18 tons to 20 tons / hour, single processing capacity of 8 tons to 10 tons / hour, users can choose according to yield.

Speed of washing
Speed of drying 干燥速度 Motor power
Job per hour
FJNXM45×17×2 245-250 r/min 845-850 r/min 7.5kw*2 20-25t/h
FJNXM45×17×1 245-250 r/min 840-850 r/min 7.5kw 10-12t/h