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Horizontal wheat scourer
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18
Horizontal wheat scourer

  Remove impurities such as dirt and wheat wool from the surface of the grain.At the same time, the mud and metamorphic wheat in wheat can be broken and separated.It is mainly used for the cleaning and removal of wheat, and can also be cleaned with impurities in industrial raw materials such as oil, feed and wine.

  Its characteristics 1, the board has a special treatment and long service life. 2. The screen has a high wear resistance rate after special preparation. 3, according to the different processes can be divided into light hits and heavy hits.

项目 名称 FDMW40*90 FDMW45*100 FDMW45*120
产量 2-4 4-6 8-10
动力 2.2-3 4-4.5 7.5
重量 300 400 600
外形尺寸 1200*600*1100 1400*650*1300 2600*700*1500