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Computer automatically forward to the water system
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

Computer automatically forward to the water system

  Microcomputer automatic dampening system consists of microcomputer operated control units, water-line control system, high-accuracy microwave water content determinator and intensive dampener. It used in dampening control during wheat cleaning procedure, aiming at wheat water content homogenizing before milling. In this way , performance of wheat milling and sifting can be improved. So is flour quality and flouryield. The machine is usually used in dampening control of dry processing technology.

  Characteristic Introduction:

  Testing of wheat water content errors automatically.

  Full-automatic and manual operations make sure of non-stopping maintenance.

  Track change of water content automatically on purpose of water regulating.

  All parameter and operating state shows on LCD screen.

  Fault self-diagnosis with software.

  Technology Parameter

  Water content presetting scope:5-10%

  Dampening control precision:±0.2%

  Working scope:3-30T/H

  Water supply source pressure:0.1-0.3Mpa

产量Capacity(T/H) 动力Power(KW) 重量 Weight(KG)
DNZ32×150 3-6 3 250
DNZ40×200 6-12 4 280
DNZ40×250 12-18 5.5 460
DNZ50×250 16-22 7.5 540
DNZ50×280 18-25 11 560
DNZ50×300 20-30 11 620