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Milling Machine Small single machine milling video
Auther: Pubdate:2019-05-07

Brief Description:

This flour milling machine can be applied to wheat corn processing for individuals and can also be used in food factory to process other grains, such as sorghum, soybeans and etc. This equipment adopts air-lifting, roller grinding, and sieving cooperation, featured with high-efficiency, stable performance, no dust spilling over, low energy-consumption and convenient maintenance.

There is no ground hole, lifting the wheat, receiving the bran and flour on the ground, ,by which can process the wheat automatically and reduce the intensity of labor. It's easy to operate and maintain.



This machine easy to operate, with high efficient, energy saving. Machine matched with best imported milling head and rollers and chain drive transmission system, micro- digital control, meter display. This machine can produce super fine flour from 40 to 160 mesh.


No. Model







Outer size


Packing Size


1 6F2250 400-500 1400 15.5 2500×1700×2900 2.56×1.61×1.38
2 6F2240 260-320 1000 9.7 2000×1500×2800 2.3×1×1.95
3 6F2235 260-320 600 5.5-7.5 1200×750×1600 1.47×0.81.52