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grain crusher
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-02
grain crusher
grain crusher

Raw materials of grain crusher:
The grain crusher is used for husk, corn, wheat, soybean, peanut and other grains and can be made into feed pellets.
Special drop designed hammer mill can ensure large space of grinding chamber and increase working efficiency by 40%.
Characteristics of grain crusher:
1. Water drop hammer crusher adopts circular tearing, which effectively eliminates the circulation flow in the grinding process and improves the productivity.
2. The bottom of drop hammer mill adopts u-shaped double grinding structure, which further improves the capacity of uniform particle size.
3. All our rotors have passed the accurate dynamic balance test with low noise and smooth operation.
4. Coarse grinding and fine grinding can be completed by adjusting the distance between the agitator and the screen.
5. The edge of stirring blade is vacuum welded with special alloy steel, which has a long service life.
6. Imported components for key components, long service life, low maintenance costs.
7. The moving full width operating door facilitates maintenance and replacement of the agitator.


 悍马  数量 (PCS)




  玉米  糠
 SFSP63 * 70  84  75  3000  10-13T 拥有80-120吨大米工厂
 SFSP63 * 80  96  90  3500  12-15T 拥有120-150吨的大米工厂