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100T wheat production line
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

100T wheat production line

  product description:

  Wheat flour milling machine / wheat flour production equipment / wheat flour mill is widely used to produce ultrafine wheat flour.

  Our production capacity ranges from 5 tons per day to 500 tons per day. 30t / d, 50t / d, 120t / d sell well.


  1) Complete production line, including cleaning, grinding, packaging control system.

  2) Using advanced technology to produce ultrafine wheat flour.

  3) Operated by PLC control system, fully automatic.

  4) The pipes are stainless steel.

  1. Capacity: 50-2000t/24h wheat corn maize flour mill

  2. Production variety:

  l Special flour

  l Standard flour

  l grade one flour

  l grade two flour

  l Whole wheat and semolina

  l Workshop: (L×W×H): accoding to the capacity

  Finished Products :

  Production rate: (production rate varies with the quality of maize)