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10T wheat small complete production line
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

10T wheat small complete production line

  Brief Description

  The best-selling small-scale flour production line, which can produce 10T of corn flour per day, is suitable for small-scale mills. And it has the advantages of low noise, power saving, small footprint, high output, good powder quality, easy installation and simple operation.

  For customers who need small capacity, this product is the best choice.

  Procedure for Corn flour:

  Cleaning part: the combined cleaning machine is chosen to remove the large&small impurities and stones from the grain.

  Peeling machine has the function to separate the skin and the core part of corn.

  Milling part: the milling part is divided into two section.

  The first section we call it pre-crush section, in this section, we choose the crusher to make the grain more tiny and easy to mill.

  The second section we call it mill section, By using the 2250 roller mill, the corn flour will be milled more smooth and even.

  After that, you can put the bag on the outlet port then packing.

  This flour mill plant was sold to many countries like Mozambique, Iraq, Korea, Nigeria, Semolina and other countries. It is suitable for small farmer and private use, Cost-effective with high quality, if you have interests, please feel free to let us know, more videos and pictures will send to you.