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How to replace the screen?
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-12
The Screen mesh is an important component of the grinding machine for particle debris isolation, screening, today, burt machine small make up to tell you about the small round grinding machine screen replacement steps.
A open the end cover of the circular screen, loosen the locking screws (two inside and outside) on the shaft sleeve of the brush holder, and take out the brush holder
B. Unscrew the round screen retaining nut (at the back edge of the round screen wall, a total of three M12 nuts)
C. Remove the screen frame (including screen) from the round screen barrel
D. Remove the old screen frame and replace it with a new one (note: measure the length of the screen frame at the first time, then loosen and remove the tensioning nut in the middle of the round sieve column, so that the new screen can be fixed and pressed on the screen frame, and then tighten the screen to the original shape with the tensioning nut)
E. Install the screen frame and screen components in reverse order during disassembly