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What is the difference between stone mill flour machine and ordinary flour machine?
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
Different mechanical equipment production process is also necessarily different, because the working principle of mechanical equipment is very different, the stone mill flour machine and ordinary flour machine production process what is the difference?
The stone mill flour machine USES the traditional stone mill in the low speed, the low temperature condition grinds becomes, certainly its flour output correspondingly is also quite low. The stone mill rotation speed 20 rotations/minute, the temperature is 45 degrees, and the skin and the center are equal weight's making the craft, causes the wheat in the grinding The Times greatly to reduce, the wheat embryo's fragrance, the protein, the carotene and so on nutrition material completely retains.
Modern steel mill flour is using centrifugal casting of steel roller lapping, grinding mill operation speed, high temperature, the rate of 500 ~ 800 r/min, the temperature at 120 degrees Celsius, due to steel roll grinding is too strong, grinding temperature is too high, flour protein and other nutrients loss is bigger, the natural fragrance of wheat germ lose more, damaged starch chain, outstanding performance is low dough stability time, forced manufacturers to join all kinds of additives, nutritional value is reduced greatly
To sum up, the stone mill flour machine and ordinary flour machine is the difference between the first is the speed of the operation of flour machinery, temperature, and developed flour nutrition degree have great differences.