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What are the models of the phoenix automatic pulverizer
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
Because the phoenix three roll feed automatic mill has smooth operation does not block, grinding effect is good, flour quality is good, many advantages of high production efficiency, get a good market, the following to introduce our mill model, you can choose according to their needs. ,
Main specifications and models:
Xs-30 combined suction type grain cleaner efficiency: 500-600kg/h power: 3KW
Model 6fyq-2235 automatic mill efficiency: 350Kg/ h power: 7.5kw +3KW
Model 6fyq-2240 automatic mill efficiency: 400-450kg/h power: 11KW+3KW
Model 6fyq-2250 automatic mill efficiency: 500-600kg/h power: 15KW+4KW
Model 6fyq-2260 automatic mill efficiency: 600-700kg/h power: 15KW+4KW
The above is the phoenix three roll feed automatic mill main specifications model, a total of xs-30 type suction type combined grain cleaner, 6fyq-2235 type automatic mill, 6fyq-2240 type automatic mill, 6fyq-2250 type automatic mill and 6fyq-2260 type automatic mill five models for everyone to choose!