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Burt small flour machine process flow
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
Phoenix automatic flour mill mainly consists of two parts: wheat cleaning and flour making. Today I will introduce the technological process of burt small flour mill.
Process flow: wheat cleaning - milling. Attached process flow chart:

automatic flour mill
Wheat cleaning by a set of wheat, screening, separation suction and water as one of the combined cleaning machine to complete removal of the wheat stubble, ear, chaff, scrap iron, stone, brick approach, son, dust, soil seed, insect excrement, bad abortive mic and other impurities, MAO grain processing net to meet the requirements of the health food, and water tempering, achieves the moisture content of wheat flour.
The milling is mainly done by the mill. The wheat is extruded and ground by the roller of the mill and then sifted to separate the flour. Generally, the powder can be made after four cycles.
Wheat cleaning and milling, material transport by the wind. Dusting bag is used to collect light impurities, dust and trace powder in the process of grain cleaning.