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Wheat cleaning process in a small mill
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
The wheat cleaning system of small mill is composed of combined grain cleaner, fan and unloader. Wheat cleaning operation according to the following steps:
A turn on the combined grain cleaner, the conveying and suction air cleaning work automatically at the same time.
B. Pull open the valve at the chute of the wool barn (below the barn), and the wheat falls into the hopper of the combined grain cleaner. Note that the opening is moderate enough to meet the maximum output of combined grain cleaner.
C. Pull open the valve of the hopper of combined grain cleaner (under the hopper, with moderate opening) to clean the wool and wheat. Note that the flow is too large, poor cleaning effect, wheat grain easy to overflow from the screen surface; Low flow and low efficiency.
D. Open the moisten valve and adjust the moisten amount according to the net wheat flow. Wheat moisture content directly affects flour quality and production efficiency.
E. After cleaning and moistening, the wheat will enter the moistening barn, generally for more than 20 hours.