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The process of making wheat flour with a small mill
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
Wheat flour milling system is mainly composed of mill, round screen, fan and conveying air network. Powder preparation shall follow the following steps:
A. turn on the fan to transfer the moistened wheat from the moistening barn to the mill bin.
B. Start the grinding machine (in the state of leaving the brake, that is, the grinding roller is separated before feeding), and start the round screen and air shutter automatically at the same time.
C. Pull open the hopper door of the mill (note that the opening size is moderate), and the wheat will be automatically fed into the fabric hopper of the mill.
D. When the grinding machine is closed, the feeding roller of the grinding machine will feed automatically, and the grinding roller will start grinding and making powder.
Note: moderate feeding amount, large feeding amount, opaque grinding, little powder, easy to block the conveying pipeline; Feed quantity is small, efficiency is low, flour bran star is much, quality is poor.
Large rolling distance of grinding roller, poor grinding and low efficiency; Grinding roll rolling distance is too small, bran pieces are easy to break, bran star, complexion red; At the same time, under the mill material temperature rise fast, high temperature, destroy the texture, poor taste. Therefore, how much feed and roll distance directly affect the quality of flour, remember to adjust the appropriate. Both ends of grinding roller should be the same rolling distance, high output, good grinding effect.
E. After sifting, sift out the flour, and continue to grind the remaining materials. On the fourth cycle, the bran is removed. Generally, four cycles can be completed from the end of wheat milling to the end of milling. Due to each cycle, the material is more and more broken, so each cycle rolling distance should be properly tightened once. Adjust the tightness to observe the degree of material crushing under grinding.
F. After material grinding and powder making, first pull the rolling distance handle of the mill to separate the grinding rollers, then stop the mill operation, and finally stop the fan