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Small grinding machine grinding wedge belt replacement
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
The combined grain cleaner is composed of motor, fan, wheat beater, grillage, unloader and air net.after installation and debugging, the performance is stable and reliable, no wearing parts, no need to disassemble.
Replacement of the wedge belt of the grinding machine: if the wedge belt is seriously damaged, it must be replaced. The steps are as follows:
1. Remove the wedge belt guard
2. Loosen the tensioning rod nut of the wedge belt and rotate the tensioning wheel forward to loosen the wedge belt
3. Remove the old tape and replace it with a new one
4. Push back the tensioning wheel and tighten the adjusting rod nut until the wedge belt is tightened properly
5. Reattach the wedge belt guard
Above is the installation of small grinding machine and grain cleaning machine, attention, after tensioning wedge belt should not be too tight, the tension is too big, wedge belt is not durable; But also not easy to too loose, wedge belt slipping, easy wear belt teeth, reduce wedge belt service life.