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Removal of grinding roller for small mill
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
Small mill grinding roller after a period of time of use, drawing teeth from the front blunt, poor powder quality, efficiency decline, at this time the grinding roller must be replaced, re wire drawing. The removal steps for replacing the grinding roller are as follows:
A remove the feeding box above the grinding roller in the grinding chamber and the cleaning brush below
B. Remove the protective cover, belt and pulley on both sides of the mill (the grinding roller is driven by gear, remove the gear cover and remove the gear of fast and slow roller)
C remove the spring wrapped screw rod connecting clutch handle and slow roll bearing body
D. Remove the bearing cover on the outside of the fast and slow roll bearing body
E-flat screwdriver picks up thrust washer tongue piece bent in the groove of round nut of set sleeve
F unscrew the round nut and set back two or three turns
G cover the roller with a steel tube with a length of about 200mm and an inner diameter slightly larger than the grinding roller's axle diameter, tighten the round nut at the inner end, and strike it inward with a hammer until the fixing sleeve slips back and becomes loose
H remove the fixing screw of the quick roll bearing body of the small grinder and the compression nut and retaining pad outside the supporting shaft of the slow roll bearing body
I. lift the grinding roller up slightly with the board and pull down the bearing body (bearing and fixing sleeve together)
J remove the left and right inserts
K. Lift out the fast and slow grinding rollers successively by spreader or manpower