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Installation of grinding roller for small mill
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03
For the installation of the grinding roller of a small grinding mill, firstly wipe the oil on the surface of the grinding roller, check whether the seal is intact, and smear grease on the bearing.
Distinguish speed roller tooth Angle front direction (processing wheat speed roller tooth Angle direction to blunt blunt, identifying method is usually used people standing in front of the mill, with his hand on the roller towards their standing touch, feel is smooth namely is blunt to, fast roller should agree to blunt blunt) with fast roller installation wiredrawing tooth Angle direction arrangement.
Adjusting roller: close the clutch handle, makes the roller in rolling state, with a glass plate on speed roller body, two roll the parallel degree of correction (not usual, glass will not have a corner contact roller body, slow rotating eccentric sleeve on the shaft roller bearing body support, until the two parallel to the roller), ensure the grinding effect, in order to remove the reverse order of roller installation, first with slow roll, after fast roller.
Install the spring cover screw rod, adjust the rolling distance under the rolling state, the initial rolling distance is 0.4mm--0.5m, and finally install the belt pulley, belt and protective cover.
After installation, check the flexibility of each part first, and then operate without load for no less than 30 minutes, and confirm that there is no abnormality before production.