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fire phoenix dryer has what advantage?
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03


Hanzhong burt phoenix portable grain dryer is a patent product in line with China's national conditions. It fills the gap in the field of whole-machine mobile grain dryer, not only liberates the productivity, but also promotes the development of social productivity, and provides a mechanized platform for farmers to thoroughly solve the problem of grain drying.
Advantages of hanzhong burt fire phoenix mobile grain dryer:
High efficiency. The convection is strengthened by means of conduction and radiation to realize the simple suspension of dispersed particles, and the input equals to the output. Short drying time, fast drying speed and high efficiency. Dehydration up to 4%~15%, drying up to 2~4 tons per hour.
Two, convenient to move. It is small in size and can be pulled by a tractor and a car to realize the machine with moving materials and field operations. It also holds dry grain.
Three, easy to operate. The temperature and time (rotation speed) can be set according to the type of materials, so that the drying operation can be close to the theoretical equilibrium extreme value of energy consumption, and achieve high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation.
4. The buoyancy can be cleared during the drying process of materials. Sundries smaller or larger than materials will be classified and screened according to the standard.
Five, do not pollute grain.
Small size for easy storage and management.
All kinds of materials can be dried. It can dry rice, wheat, corn, rape, nuts and mineral powder.
Viii. Comprehensive safety monitoring and failure alarm ensure dry and safe operation.
Nine, dry operation, sundries collection, noise control are within the requirements, no pollution.