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Why to say the flour mill grinding out of the high nutritional value of flour?
Auther: Pubdate:2019-06-04

  With the continuous upgrade of milling machinery and equipment, and now most people eat flour from the past traditional stone mill flour into a steel mill flour, on the color appearance, steel mill flour to much white than stone mill flour, but the taste, still more pure thick stone mill flour, reserved for the original grain stone mill flour nutrients more, relative to steel mill flour, stone mill flour is a kind of relatively own organic food processing machinery.

  Because the stone flour ground at low temperature and low speed avoids the damage of high temperature of mechanical grinding on the effective nutrition of raw grain and the quality of flour, it has the pure flavor and retains the protein carbohydrate contained in wheat. According to the test, the content of vitamin E of the flour made by stone mill is 21 times that of the modern mechanical flour. Therefore, the new type of wheat stone mill is a product of the perfect combination of the traditional stone mill technology and modern technology.

  Stone mill flour mill grinding grinding by uniform speed slow both retains sufficient to keep the instinctive quality of wheat flour and wheat fragrance, pure not only high gluten content and nutrients, and fine powder, stay, and retain the wheat contains many kinds of trace elements. Flour machine and avoids contemporary large machinery production nutrition damage caused by the high temperature and high pressure. Without any additives, whitening agent, original color and taste, good taste, chewy. It has the health care effect of lowering blood fat, blood sugar, health and beauty.