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How is the flour machine designed?
Auther: Pubdate:2019-05-13
fluor mill
flour mill

     Many friends of the flour machine design is not very understanding, the following to introduce the hanzhong burt fire phoenix flour machine design principle, the fire phoenix flour machine frame is by the lower part of cast iron and the upper part of carbon steel combination and connection.

  The flour-making machine body is made of high quality carbon steel with thickness of 6mm, 8mm and 12mm. Among them, the key parts are up to 20mm, which are cut by CNC laser cutting, welded to the upper body as a whole, and processed by CNC boring machine to ensure its machine accuracy and bearing bore concentricity.

  The base of the lower part of the flour machine is made of HT250 high quality gray iron casting. The thickness of the processed part is 20mm, and there are 15mm thick reinforcing bars on the non-processed surface, finally reaching 35mm thickness.

    Flour machine machine shell namely cover shell door is by 2 millimeter high grade cold rolled carbon steel and interior USES high grade Angle steel of 3 30 30 carbon steel to consolidate, its appearance is beautiful, firm and durable, not out of shape.