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Introduction of three roll feed automatic mill
Auther: Pubdate:2019-04-03

roll feed automatic mill

Hanzhong burt machinery equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is the backbone professional enterprise of research and development, production, sales and installation of grinding machines.
Three-roller feed automatic pulverizer is a technical innovation product independently developed by the company according to the market demand. It has outstanding technical advantages compared with other pulverizers:
(1) three-roll feeding, uniform feeding, continuous smooth, no clogging;
(2) due to the uniform and continuous feeding, the grinding effect is thoroughly improved, thus improving the quality of flour;
(3) it overcomes the technical problems of unstable feeding and idling when the grinding roller is broken, improves the production efficiency and prolongs the service life of the grinding roller wire drawing.
The three-roller feed automatic mill was granted the "utility model patent certificate" by the state intellectual property office in 2007. In 2011, the company was confirmed to be at the leading level among similar products at home and abroad through technical innovation. After the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements by experts organized by henan provincial science and technology department, the appraisal committee unanimously appraised that "the product has scientific design, reasonable structure, and achieved integrated innovation in the structural design of the three-roller feed automatic pulverizer, reaching the advanced level of domestic similar products". After the provincial and municipal quality and technical supervision test center inspection, the performance indicators have reached or due to national standards.
The product is not only suitable for flour processing, but also for medicine, chemical, food, seasoning, feed, brewing and other industries. Products with reasonable structure, excellent process performance and a wide range of USES, welcomed by the market, sales throughout the country and exports abroad, to win the trust of users.