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Horizontal dryer
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

Horizontal dryer

  5hxg series grain dryer is controlled by computer in the whole program. There are two special drying procedures for seeds to ensure food quality and seed germination.

  High degree of automation, simple operation, long working time and high production efficiency. The two core components, full-automatic moisture tester and high-pressure spray burner, are imported from Japan and Italy respectively.

  In order to avoid over drying, automatic water test stop device is used.

  Drying various materials, such as rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, sorghum, mung bean, sunflower seed, etc.

  It is reliable, durable and adaptable. Easy to install and clean, safe and reliable because of its small body. Low carbon, energy saving. The panel is controlled by LCD PLC, which is easy to learn