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Grain dryer
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18

Grain dryer
容积(m3) 2.5 4.5 7.5
小麦 1.5 2.5 4.5
水稻 1.1 2.0 3.5
玉米 0.75 1.5 2.5
总功率(kw) 50 60 80
外型尺寸(mm) 4300×1600×2600 5600×2500×3000 7000×2500×4000

  ★Mobile dryer equipment is compact and easy to operate.

  ★Reduce drying time, keep grain sensory features unharmed,and reduce fixed costs.

  ★Digital drying technology, advanced design and mobile work.

  ★The precipitation is large, and the wet grain of any moisture can be lowered to safe moisture at one time.

  ★The coal-fired hot blast stove passes through the exchanger and heats the fresh air as a drying medium to ensure no pollution after the grain is dried.

  ★It has the characteristics of high drying efficiency and limited by the site.

  ★It can directly dry all kinds of grains after harvesting in the field,effectively reducing waste in the grain harvesting process..

  ★Automatic control: electric control of complete sets of equipment,automatic control of hot air temperature, etc.

  ★It is widely used in corn, rice, wheat, barley, rapeseed and other crops in various regions, and grain drying operations.