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New horizontal continuous dryer
Auther: Pubdate:2020-09-18
New horizontal continuous dryer

  1. The dryer High Work efficiency , the device adopts strengthening convection, gives priority to with heat conduction, supplemented by heat radiationso that the materials realize the scattered single grain suspension in the movement condition. And materials in and out, it can be continued drying about 50 minutes later.

  2. Simple operation,and according to the types of materials, water condition, it can set the drying temperature and rotational speed of roller.

  3. The frequency conversion control roller speed, it can realize stepless variable speed. The whole machine can be moved.

  4. Long dryer line, high precipitation rate in that dry material in the rotary drum of route is the spiral which can realize a precipitation of 4-15%, dry material per hour 3-5 tons/hour, control of hot blast temperature of 40 °-180 °.